Digitization of Healthcare
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Mony Weschler, CIO, InnovaCare Health

Healthcare organizations worldwide are facing increasing pressure to modernize their systems alongside the evolving technologies. The advancements in healthcare technology have shaped the way we communicate, store data, and conduct business....

Digital Hospitals for a Healthier Australia
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Dr. Bronwyn Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Standards Australia

In the Productivity Commission report “Shifting the Dial: 5 year productivity review ” released in October 2017, there is a chapter dedicated to Healthier Australians. Extracts from recommendations in this chapter include...

Innovative Strategy toward Effective Online Appointment Scheduling
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Lately, organizations are beginning to focus more on online appointment scheduling tools as their personal assistant to plan and manage their business activity. Online scheduling software facilitates organizations to automate their scheduling...

Emerging Technology and Compliance Risk: What Every Compliance Officer Should Know
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Dawn Rock, Chief Compliance Officer, Encompass Health

Ask any compliance professional what keeps her awake at night, and you’ll inevitably hear, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Historically, that statement applied to undiscovered risks to the company that lurked just...

Frustrations of a Healthcare CIO
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Mark Crandall, CIO, Consulate Health Care

As a national leading provider of senior healthcare services to 150 care centers in 15 states, Consulate Health Care has grown with a strong focus on patient needs. When I took the post as CIO back in 2014, my team was driven by company goals...

Managing IT Budgets to help foster Innovation
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Subbu Murthy, CIO, Howard Building Corporation

The role of the CIO is multi-faceted. To the business, the CIO is the bridge to technology. To marketing, the CIO is the innovator that drives new sources of revenues. To finance, CIO is the enabler of organization’s efficiency. Independent...

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry
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Bill Caritj, Chief Accountability & Information Officer, Atlanta Public Schools

Both outside and inside the K-12 industry, most people think of schools in relation to their own communities and experiences. These experiences have evolved over the past several decades from classrooms, teachers, blackboards and football games to...

Embracing the Changing Healthcare Continuum
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Laura Wilt, System VP and CIO, Ochsner Health System

One of the challenges that the U.S. healthcare industry faces today is the rapid change in technology. This disruption creates industry pressure as early adopters in various industries enter the healthcare space and identify opportunities that...

How Recent Technology Developments and Transformations in Healthcare are Impacting your Business Environment
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Dr. Dhrumil Shah, CMIO & CIO, Compass Medical

The healthcare industry is at a crossroads. Changing priorities, conflicts, opportunities, advances and declines are all measures that affect the direction of healthcare and the ability to achieve success. Today’s healthcare arena...

The Job of Cybersecurity is presently addressed as an "Additional Duty"
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Paul Garrin, CIO Partner, Tatum, a Randstad Company

Cybersecurity is an IT voice/data network vertical that keeps some CIO’s awake at night. The history of the office of the CIO has evolved over time. Early on, the CIO ran IT and simply managed the hardware platforms, computers,...

Data Governance Is Relatively New To The Healthcare Industry
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William Phillips, SVP & CIO, University Health System

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations One of the largest challenges is to establish Data Governance in Healthcare. The new buzz word in health information technology is big data. You see many articles and...

Unstructured Data in Healthcare
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Hon S. Pak, MD MBA, Chief Medical Officer, 3M HIS

Nearly 80 percent of clinical information in electronic health records (EHRs) is “unstructured” and in a format that health information technology systems cannot use. As a result, unstructured information is either ignored or when...

'Radicalizing' Agile for Strategy and Management
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Wes Williams, VP & CIO, Mental Health Center of Denver

People are rightfully skeptical of buzzwords and facile trends in organizational management. For every successful launch of a Six Sigma campaign, there’s a workforce somewhere groaning about another mandated management “retreat,”...

A Workflow Makeover
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Rich Temple, VP/CIO, Deborah Heart and Lung Center

Possibly the biggest system upgrade a healthcare system can go through today involves changing the currently used Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to a newer, technologically-savvier one. In Deborah’s case, its EHR has been in use for...

Healthcare IT Evolution
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Laura Wilt, Systems VP & CIO at Ochsner Health System

Technology Innovation and the Role of a CIO With rampant technology innovation, the role of a CIO has evolved from managing infrastructure to a key player in the decision-making process of an organization. In the wake of the increasing...

How Pharma CIOs Can Use Big Data Techniques to Improve Drug Safety
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Christy Wilson, Senior Director, Pharma & Biotech Segment, Elsevier R&D Solutions

For pharmaceutical companies, the safety of their products is of paramount concern. Safeguarding the wellbeing of patients and mitigating the risk of punitive fines from regulatory agencies, such as the FDA in the US and EMA in Europe, are...

Healthcare Technology: The Promise of the Future and Roadblock of the Present
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Jordan Dolin, Founder, Furthur Fund

To a hospital CIO, healthcare technology is both a blessing a curse. HCIT brings the promise of dramatically improved clinical outcomes, personalized treatment plans, increased efficiencies, and decreased expenses. However, more often than not, it...

Mastering the Art of Leadership
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Armin Roeseler, CIO, Swanson Health Products

Highlights of Your Journey in the Industry I have been in the technology arena for my entire career. In the last 12 years, I have had the opportunity to be part of the C-suite of international financial services companies, research...

Breaking the Traditional IT Model in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Michael Smith, CIO & Head of Global Business Services, Mylan Bertek Pharmaceuticals

We must dispel outdated notions that we cannot be strategists or catalysts for innovation. We must become active and engaged partners with the business in pursuing the strategic missions of our organizations. But the question is how? Shifting...

Internet of Things
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Tom Basiliere, CIO, Provant

 I was on vacation a few weeks ago, sitting on a beach on Cape Cod, when a friend of mine asked, “Hey, do you have the Shark Tracker app? I want to check to see if there are any sharks in the water today.” Really? This real-time...