Allscripts: A Perfect Synergy of IT and Healthcare

Allscripts: A Perfect Synergy of IT and Healthcare

 Paul M. Black, CEO & President, Allscripts In the ambit of healthcare, technology tools and software systems to coordinate and manage large volumes of data have remained in vogue for a long time. Yet, when it comes to swiftly exchanging and receiving healthcare and patient information that are vital to deliver timely care and gain actionable insights, data repositories tend to remain nearly ‘incommunicado’. Paul M. Black, the CEO and President, Allscripts [NASDAQ: MDRX] believes the perplexing challenge of secure health information exchange (HIE) is reparative with IT. “The challenge for caregivers is that they need to ensure they are investing in a system that puts them on an evolution path to a single patient record,” says Paul M. Black, the CEO and President, Allscripts. Grasping this need, Allscripts expanded its alliance with two privately held enterprises—dbMotion and Jardogs to offer comprehensive HIE platform, care coordination, and population management across acute, ambulatory, and home care systems. These strategic relations added an impetuous to Allscripts’s mission to fully integrate healthcare systems and create solutions for a Connected Community of Health. With its second quarterly revenue of $352 million and recurring annual growth rate of 8 percent, the company is once again basking in the radar of continuous success.

From etching out a distinct repute in the industry for the vast applicability and functionality of its EHR and EMR solutions, to meeting client requirements, the firm has once again proven to remain many steps ahead of its competitors. Nearly 63 percent of its overall bookings were related to software delivery and 37 percent from the sale of client services. The recent financial results are a clear depiction of the preeminence and leadership of Allscripts’s solutions in upholding the promise of individualized care across communities in comparison to its strong market rivals—Epic and Cerner.

Bringing in the Promise of Interoperability with dbMotion

“This day-and-age, the rip-and-replace strategy across an entire health system, with multiple inpatient and outpatient facilities, home health systems, hospice, and even retail clinics, I don’t think is the conversation that people want to have,” Black remarks, stressing on the need of many healthcare providers to identify the most befitting method to view a single patient’s record. Not long ago, Black became the CEO of Allscripts and acquired the Israel-based dbMotion, which specializes in providing point-of-care tools and longitudinal clinical data repository with normalized patient data. The association began 2009 and eventually progressed to Allscripts making an equity investment.

The dbMotion serves as an efficient platform that aligns patient data from varied sources, irrespective of the IT supplier to offer a unified record of patient information. In addition, the solution provides a data repository with normalized patient data, point of care tools, a physician portal, and an analytics gateway to curb cost of care delivery and physician-to-physician care coordination. “dbMotion is the digital key to unlock the open exchange of critical patient information across disparate systems,” adds Black.

The entire range of their HIE products includes dbMotion Population Health Analytics, dbMotion EHR Agent, dbMotion Collaborate, and dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway. The dbMotion Population Health Analytics tools help healthcare providers to assess their overall performance and outcomes, analyze utilization, manage risk, reduce cost and improve quality across the healthcare ecosystem. This solution is specifically empowered to determine and monitor high-cost and high-priority populations for chronic disease management.

The dbMotion EHR Agent aids organizations to connect effectively and have a workflow that provides meaningful and actionable data to deliver healthcare. Common HIE solutions available in the market require its users to leave their workflow to look for additional patient information, restricting their meticulous delivery of healthcare services. However, with the EHR Agent, clinicians, doctors and care providers do not have to search for patient information outside of their EHR as the latest clinical information comes in directly to them. Further, the solution serves as a miniature application on any clinical EHR workspace and receives instantly the patient and provider content. The users also receive timely alerts and information that are not found in their EHR. “With EHR Agent, users can achieve a ‘gold level’ of interoperability and delta view of clinical information right into a clinician’s workflow. We want that workflow to come to you and provide all the value,” Black says.

The dbMotion Collaborate is one of the useful tools to many doctors and healthcare providers. The product helps physicians and doctors manage and observe the progress of the patient population and other events within their daily workflow. To sum it up, Collaborate mimics the way physicians think, organizing relevant health information— a manner preferred by the physicians to have visibility to even the smallest detail. “Collaborate bestows its users the distinct capability to see the ‘big picture’ of healthcare delivery thorough effective coordination of information,” extols Black.

Delivering Expertise through Clinical Analytics

In the recent times, as healthcare companies veer towards the adoption of latest technology, the compliance requirements, regulatory changes, and healthcare models such as Affordable Care Act have accentuated the need for clinical analytics. The dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway exists to address this need. The solution empowers healthcare professionals to deploy as well as develop broad-based analytics strategies. “The dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway serves as a conduit for aggregated, harmonized clinical information— enabling analysis in ways that were not previously possible,” adds Black. According to Todd Christiansen, Partner, IBM Global

"The challenge for caregivers is that they need to ensure they are investing in a system that puts them on an evolution path to a single patient record"

Business Services, dbMotion's Semantic Engine and Analytics Gateway enables effective information governance and accelerates time to deliver descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytic capabilities to clinicians.

Better Patient Care Guaranteed

Scores of companies have successfully deployed the fusion of Allscripts and dbMotion solutions and reaped the rewards in their operational performance and business outcomes. In one instance, North Country Hospital based in Newport, Vermont utilized Allscripts dbMotion solution. The solution helped store all clinical and health information in one place, avoiding the trouble for clinicians and doctors to sign into multiple places or pages of medical data to gather relevant records.

Another renowned customer of Allscripts, Flagler Hospital located in St Augustine, Fl, also approached the company to support new initiatives and opportunities to join forces with other community health systems. The client needed complete picture of patient information at the point of care and had to deal with the huge impediment of connecting various systems to access quality data. With Allscripts dbMotion, data gathered from myriad sources were presented in a format that enabled clinicians and care providers to make necessary decisions. The solution also provided real time analytics at point of care so that healthcare providers and experts are better equipped to assess gaps and many risk factors while treating the patients.

dbMotion is the digital key to unlock the open exchange of critical patient information across disparate systems

While many term the association between dbMotion and Allscripts, “a natural evolution,” the level of integration attained by many users and customers of their solutions suggest the long-term value these companies have added in the realm of healthcare. This aspect stands a testament to the Allscripts’s pursuits to reinvent its product line and bring in a synergy between healthcare and IT. “Allscripts is focused on continually enhancing core solutions, growing population health and international markets, and offering new value-added services. Together, these opportunities provide a foundation for improving financial performance and value creation,” concludes Black.
- Vanishree Bhatt
    September 10, 2015