eClinicalWorks: Building Bridges to Better Healthcare

eClinicalWorks: Building Bridges to Better Healthcare

Girish Navani, Co-founder & CEO, eClinicalWorksGirish Navani, Co-founder & CEO, eClinicalWorks
As the waves of change envelop the U.S. health care industry, healthcare technology will continue to advance over time and it is important to have technology that enhances the user experience,” begins Girish Navani, CEO, and Co-founder of eClinicalWorks. The continuous development in medical technology enables physicians to get rid of their paper works and digitize their entire communication and workflow—from the doctor’s office to the lab, pharmacy, and patients. “We believe that the use of technology with the provider, and the provider and the patient being in constant communication, creates better health care dynamics,” notes Navani. eClinicalWorks manages this process proactively by providing technology and services to reduce costs, errors, and improve the quality of care. “Our work and products are very focused on building bridges to improve health care, and that certainly includes advancing patient safety and promoting greater efficiencies,” asserts Navani.

The Westborough, MA based firm’s eClinicalWorks v10, an EHR Suite, makes it easy for users to send and receive information—be it an alert to a colleague down the hall, a referral to a specialist across town, or exchange of data with a hospital in another state. This is highly customizable and will accommodate how the providers would like to work. With the use of EHR suite data can be accessed from anywhere and is at the fingertips, whether in the office or at home. It manages medications, access labs and test results, clinical decision support, and patient education materials.

In a nutshell, eClinicalWorks patient engagement is reinforced with tools such as healow, Patient Portal, and eClinical Messenger. The Patient Portal delivers a protected communication channel between organizations and patients— allowing patients to be practical in knowing all the details of their health.

Messenger 5.0 in the patient portal enables communication with the patient in their automated closedloop preferred method

With zero-time delay, it allows them to review their personal health records (PHR), lab results, view authorized prescriptions, or simply clarify the general doubts medically. Messenger 5.0 in the Portal enables communication with the patient in their closed-loop preferred method. By completely integrating with the healow app—a $25 million patient engagement online wellness program, patients can access their patient portal account securely and manage their family’s healthcare anytime, anywhere. “With this updated technology, providers are able to use our services via the device of their choice, even within the same organization,” delineates Navani.

As a testimony of such expertise, eClinicalWorks assisted MedPeds in ruling out their paper-based system as it was becoming a detriment to the overall functionality. They wanted an effective EHR solution that anticipates cutting the cost of staffing the practice, finding patient charts easier when needed, improving the quality of patient care, and competitively positioning the practice now and for the future. By implementing eClinicalWorks’ comprehensive EHR solution, the client witnessed improved clinical documentation, allowing better follow-up with efficient care for all patients. With a 90 percent adoption rate of the Patient Portal, patients have access to communicate on their schedule, while also enhancing their understanding of treatment, resulting in a faster solution to any issue.

As a result of a more connected healthcare system, patients are encouraged to further engage and play an active role in their healthcare, as they now have more access to their personal health information. “The future of the connected healthcare system is bright and will only continue to advance as EHR systems offer more integration and accessibility for patients and physicians alike,” assures Navani.