InterSystems: Avant-Garde Solutions for Connected Care

Phillip T. Ragon, Founder & CEO, InterSystemsPhillip T. Ragon, Founder & CEO, InterSystems
It all began in late 20th century when Phillip Ragon, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, laid the cornerstone for the Cambridge, MA based InterSystems with the product vision— “power through simplicity.” Though initially formulated as an easy-to-use programming language for doctors, InterSystems in due course has revivified its technology to create innovative data management products paying heed to the growing need of healthcare organizations—advancing patient care and controlling costs. By implementing “connected health” strategy, the firm links all the data in the organization and provides access to complete patient records and real-time analytics. Through this, physicians will be able to receive pertinent patient information to make enhanced decisions. By adopting this strategy, organizations can considerably reduce the costs by avoiding duplicate tests and achieving operational efficiencies.

InterSystems’ Ensemble is a seamless platform for rapid connectivity and development of new connectable applications. The platform includes a wide range of technologies needed for any connectivity task, in a unified “single stack” architecture enabling rapid project completion. With Ensemble, users can now complete their projects much faster compared to previous generation systems— eliminating the time-consuming point-to-point methods.

To make rapid breakthroughs in connected healthcare, InterSystems offers TrakCare—a truly unified system that automatically detects the type of device in use to optimize specific functionality on a user’s device for more enhanced user experience. It is a world-class healthcare information system with administrative, clinical, and add-on modules unified by a single database and a common user interface across all platforms. TrakCare enables hospital administration to improve safety and outcomes, reduce medication errors, expedite billing, maximize resource utilization, and achieve strategic initiatives—enriching the patient record with each interaction. Built on advanced integration engine, TrakCare makes it easy for clinicians who work between the boards to get a better view of the patients they are treating, with access to up-to-date information.

TrakCare enables hospital administration to improve safety and outcomes, reduce medication errors, expedite billing, maximize resource utilization, and achieve strategic initiatives

Adding momentum to TrakCare is the firm’s HealthShare, which enhances the communication between providers, community service agencies, care managers, patients, and families to build strategic interoperability. HealthShare, being built on InterSystems’ health informatics platform, creates a complete view of each patient’s history, provides secure access to records at every point of care and on any Internet-connected device. It enables interoperability with legacy and future applications and performs analytics that provide real-time insights to drive fully-informed actions.

Vindicating such expertise, InterSystems assisted Homecare Homebase, an innovative company that develops mobile software solutions for home health, to solve their problems at hand. The client was in need of a quicker way to integrate its solution and enable interoperability across the diverse software environments found at customer sites. Also, they wanted a solution that would ensure HIPAA compliance and offer robust security. With Intersystem’s HealthShare as its strategic interoperability foundation, Homecare Homebase now responds more swiftly to the market and is capable of handling the complexities of a diverse and rapidly changing environment. “Interoperability is no longer a challenge for us; it is become a value differentiator for Homecare Homebase,” posits Matt Cassaro, Vice President of Technology, Homecare Homebase.

Forging ahead, InterSystems is focused on building connected, information-rich healthcare information technology solutions and services with support for national and regional HIE. With recent changes to healthcare laws and the push to digitize health records, the firm is well-positioned for a major product and geographical expansion in the coming years. The firm’s pragmatic offerings continue to procure worldwide acceptance and is destined to be a cynosure in the healthcare sector.