Kaviva: Personalized Health Management Expert

Kaviva: Personalized Health Management Expert

Sean McDevitt, CEO, KavivaSean McDevitt, CEO, Kaviva
There is an unquenchable thirst for patient health information today, as data from the point of clinical care promotes innovation in optimal healthcare delivery. Patients and practitioners alike demand easy and instant access to information and apps that enable quick and cost-efficient delivery of quality care. A reliable and secure platform in place is paramount to transfer data among diverse systems meanwhile facilitating access and retrieval. While healthcare organizations must deploy advanced security solutions to protect high-value data and comply with stringent regulatory requirements, they must also address customer demands. With patented, HIPAA-secure platform solutions, Kaviva does just that with its multichannel communications and health technology to assist organizations seeking to transform health, outcomes, and engagement.

Kaviva has developed 360°, secure, and integrated PaaS health engagement platform to achieve healthcare’s triple aim: better patient experience and outcome, better engagement, and lower costs. The firm’s intelligent platform offers personalized management of health and communications for organizations—employers, providers, health plans & systems and health services. “At Kaviva, we envision, each patient becoming their first point of medical care and their best advocate for preventable treatment,” says Sean McDevitt, CEO of Kaviva. To provide patients with an optimal health care, Kaviva makes all the healthcare information available for the care givers in a secure fashion and actionable format.

Kaviva’s cloud-based health engagement platform includes a comprehensive suite of highly targeted, personalized health interventions at every point along the continuum of care. An extremely robust and configurable portal sits at the healthcare practitioners’ location that can help them engage each patient in entirely new ways. The platform’s seamless integration and system interoperability, with the existing patient portals and engagement programs enable real-time data exchange among the care providers, significantly closing care gaps and improving patient outcomes. The firm also uses standard operating languages to make better patient engagements.

At Kaviva, we envision, each patient becoming their first point of medical care and their best advocate for preventable treatment

Healthcare providers can easily install Kaviva’s platform in their respective location, with an added advantage of almost zero configuration.

By leveraging the modern technologies like predictive analytics, behavioral science, and data-driven engagement methodologies, Kaviva is driving improvements to both healthcare revenue and costs for its customers. With the best-in-class data analytics engine, the platform allows healthcare practitioners to assess health engagement, participation, utilization, communication effectiveness and behavior of patients for making intelligent healthcare decisions. “We configure algorithms that notify users if certain parameters do not match,” states McDevitt. Be it cancer or AIDS screening, Kaviva’s communication engine interfaces in a direct way with millions of their potential clients and deliver the right message, to the right person on time, coupled with high-end security.

Kaviva prides itself on its dedicated and clinical technology team that has built configurable, highly personalized, omnichannel ecosystem for numerous healthcare organizations’ improving care delivery and increasing revenue. McDevitt narrates a use case where Kaviva has been instrumental in helping a client to manage physician practices. The client’s primary concern was to solve the percentage of errors that occurred while performing the preventative screening for patients. By deploying Kaviva’s scalable platform, the client was able to effectively manage patient care and communication across all its physicians, resulting in tripling their revenue.

Having acquired many accolades and industry recognition, including most recently, two gold awards for digital health and disease management, Kaviva continues to stay true to its philosophy of providing personalized and timely interactions to improve quality of care. As more connected and wearable devices multiply in the healthcare sector, Kaviva promises to improve the efficiency and cost of end-to-end healthcare delivery. “Our industry requires continuous innovation to achieve engagement, we are focused on bringing value to our customers and improving their bottom line,” concludes the CEO.