NextGen Healthcare: Robust HIE Solution for Simplified Practice Operations

NextGen Healthcare: Robust HIE Solution for Simplified Practice Operations

Steve Plochocki, President & CEO, NextGen HealthcareSteve Plochocki, President & CEO, NextGen Healthcare
Interoperability being one of the pressing challenges in healthcare arena, organizations are all the more inclined to understand and im¬prove interoperability, reaping many benefits in the process.

NextGen Healthcare, headquartered in Horsham, PA, provides interoperability solutions which allow clients to connect patients, practices, hospitals, health systems, communities, and payers. “We help to reduce the burden of documentation, speed up patient throughput, and enhance care and interoperability,” says Steve Plochocki, President and CEO, Next¬Gen Healthcare.

The company leverages collaborative care and patient engagement with a comprehensive suite of products and services that support emerging initiatives such as patient-centered medical home, accountable care organizations, and HIE. The NextGen HIE suite known as Mirth HIE solution aligns and integrates medical practices with the physicians and the community. Mirth software is deployed via a Mirth appliance platform, which is available as a virtual machine to run on hardware, a Mirth-hosted service, or a purpose-built physical server appliance. The soft¬ware solution provides an aggregated data repository and community-wide view of the patient—as well as standards-based exchange platform with alerting, notification, and document delivery.

On a differentiating edge, NextGen’s 20 years of acquired expertise within the healthcare arena sets them apart from their competitors. “Our solutions are embedded with best practices derived from countless encounters and deep collaboration with the best-run medical practices in the country,” concludes Plochocki.