Orion Health: Ensuring Personalized Healthcare

Orion Health: Ensuring Personalized Healthcare

Ian McCrae, Director and CEO, Orion HealthIan McCrae, Director and CEO, Orion Health
Today, the healthcare industry, clinicians, and caregivers are dedicated to providing personalized care to patients; but without the right information, they are unable to deliver the best possible care. Healthcare organizations equipped with the right technology to revolutionize the global healthcare will drive the care of the future. Orion Health [OHE:NZX/ASX] believes that software needs to do more than serve up data, it needs to provide insights in real time to the people that need it, when they need it. “We are now focused on boosting our ability to provide data insights that will help our customers improve their delivery of healthcare,” begins Ian McCrae, Director and CEO, Orion Health. Orion Health expounds on the same idea by offering Amadeus, a big data cloud based platform for Precision Medicine that provides clinicians and other users with the cognitive support they need to make the best possible decisions related to healthcare.

The Arizona based firm’s big data platform is built on a modern and open technology that provides cognitive support to clinicians. Through the Amadeus platform, Orion Health delivers precision medicine by aggregating, storing, and making sense of all forms of data in order to transform healthcare. Also, Amadeus is designed to be future-proof with regards to other evolving models in healthcare and the company’s extensive data integration experience caters to the scalability and performance of Amadeus.

In the light of unprecedented change, the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving from volume to Value- Based Care (VBC), propelled by the widespread efforts to bring a change in the care delivery process. Orion Health is providing a secure, vigilant, and resilient technology to healthcare providers in order to meet the evolving landscape of healthcare with critical system tools.

Our software now manages over 100 million patient health records globally

Toward healthcare providers, the company’s next generation technology provides the infrastructure required to manage the health of a population. By using the company’s solutions, clinicians are able to get near real-time access to patient information through genomics, clinical, and consumer data sources. In order to deliver VBC, healthcare providers need to collaborate in the best interests of the patient and Orion Health enables this easy collaboration and coordination across clinicians to deliver seamless care with minimal delays.

In an instance, Cal INDEX, a non-profit organization that addresses the major unmet medical needs of a statewide health data exchange, approached Orion Health to address their increasing difficulty in optimizing revenue, reducing costs, and improving the quality of patient care using only their internal data. By adopting Orion Health’s data platform, Cal INDEX was able to rapidly process large volumes and different types of data in a scalable system. The Orion Health solution deployed for Cal INDEX was an open platform, Orion Health Amadeus, built on modern, distributed technology that aggregates and manages all types of data.

The Amadeus precision medicine platform assists Health Information Exchange (HIEs) to achieve greater sustainability for the important services they provide by utilizing shared core services and standards. “Our software now manages over 100 million patient health records globally. This puts Orion Health in a powerful position as the health sector experiences major disruption through new technology and as patient records begin to move to the cloud,” concludes McCrae.