Orion Health: Secure and Easy Exchange of Clinical Information

Orion Health: Secure and Easy Exchange of Clinical Information

Healthcare providers are consistently working to improve health quality, control costs, and strengthen patient-physician experience. However, they often face challenges to handle the population health management, while providing a comprehensive clinical picture of each patient.

“The HIE software (Health Information Exchange) deployed by Orion Health enables doctors to electronically exchange data within healthcare information systems, while ensuring reliable patient centered care,” says Ian McCare, CEO of Orion Health. The software permits healthcare providers to improve the quality and safety and control cost of patient care.

Orion Health Collaborative Care, the HIE software, successfully provides access to patient records from any secure, web-enabled workspace as well as an iPad for improved mobility and remote access for the user.Orion Health offers open platform solution which gives access to patients’ data so that healthcare providers achieve desired health outcomes.

Ian McCrae, CEO, Orion HealthIan McCrae, CEO, Orion Health
“Our software provides complete patient information via an elegantly designed, easy-to-use and graphically based interface,” notes McCare.

In future, the company is planning to expand its market presence in Southeast Asia and will be offering their electronic referral management solution across continents to help providers to fill out standardized referral information which will be delivered to care facility. “Our user-centered design and flexibility supports an organization’s specific workflow, ensuring rapid adoption and ongoing sustainability,” concludes McCare.