RelayHealth: Secured and Streamlined Healthcare Information

RelayHealth: Secured and Streamlined Healthcare Information

In today’s health-tech world, the prime challenge for healthcare providers is to coordinate with care across acute and ambulatory settings, and exchange medical information in a secure environment. Focusing on the issue, RelayHealth, a healthcare IT company, proffers a highly scalable clinical integration platform with enterprise Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology and native EHR support to enhance communication between patients and physicians.

Georgia-based RelayHealth facilitates secure exchange of clinical, financial, and administrative records between patients, providers, payers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government agencies. The company’s Enterprise HIE software offers clinical data aggregation into longitudinal community health records to enhance care coordination for healthcare providers. It connects healthcare IT products to more than 120 different electronic systems. “Our software provides advanced custom terminology mapping for the systems that are connected,” says Jeff Felton, President, RelayHealth.

Jeff Felton, President , RelayHealthJeff Felton, President , RelayHealth
The company also offers connectivity between hospitals and patients, allowing healthcare users to communicate with each other more proficiently and securely.

At RelayHealth, the team possesses unique channel strength across all key segments of healthcare to stay ahead in the competition. The company has assisted Atlantic Health System, Metro Health, and other clients enhance their connectivity and productivity. “Our company values continuous development process and we will continue enhancing our HIE interoperability and clinical solutions in the near future,” says Felton.